The English Mattress Company is run by Platt & Hill, a fifth generation family firm, who have been making luxury mattresses in the heart of Lancashire since 1889.

The original Mr John Platt and Mr John Hill first went into business together collecting cotton flock from the local mills in Oldham, which they then stuffed into bedding and furniture to sell to furniture makers, exploiting the demand for items like horsehair suites, which were the height of fashion in Victorian drawing rooms.

At its height Oldham was the most productive cotton spinning mill town in the world, spinning more cotton than France and Germany combined and at its peak there were 360 mills in the town, operating day and night. Our mattresses have always been made in the Oldham cotton mills – from the now demolished Beehive Mill for the first 70 years to the Belgrave Mill, which is our home today.

Unlike many textile businesses that disappeared as manufacturing declined, the Platt and Hill families were able to develop specialist and high end products, often introducing quality standards and products that were years ahead of the competition.

Four more generations of the family have since joined the business, producing quality hand-made mattresses to send across the world. The English Mattress Company is now managed by Andrew Hill, John Platt and Nicholas Hill, all of whom continue to live in Oldham.

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